Five Qualities of Tolix Brand

The Tolix brand is an icon of industrial and home aesthetics for many decades. However, when you decide to buy a Tolix stool online or in on-site stores, you need to know the qualities of a genuine product. With many companies in the furniture industry, it is possible to come across many copycats of the original design. As a customer, you want a product that provides value for your money and not a product that is rather an imitation of the original design, which cannot last. Here are five qualities of genuine Tolix products that you need to consider before you buy.


In 1927, Xavier Pauchard registered the trademark Tolix. The original product was made of quality materials, crafted sheet metal that is solid, tough, and light. In the market, you can get a variety of products derived from the Tolix brand yet they are not genuine products. It is advisable to buy a silver Tolix stool from a certified dealer that can give you genuine products.


Genuine Tolix stool has a smooth finish both on the inside and outside. The smooth finish is meant to provide easy maintenance so it can withstand outdoor weather elements such as rainfall. Be careful to observe the type of finish because certified producers know the right type of finish to use in the chair. Imitations often use poor quality finish that may peel off or fade under intense weather elements. However, when you buy from genuine sellers, you can get genuine products in excellent finish, whether you want a leather Barcelona chair or Eames office chairs.


The Tolix brand is available both in stool and chair versions. Whether you want a stool for commercial establishment such as a restaurant or a chair that you can relax on in your patio, you can get it from Tolix brand. When you approach a genuine dealer for the product, you can get the products in the form of your choice. Besides, many reliable dealers now operate online, where you can purchase the products in the comfort of your home.

Value for your money

This depends on the overall quality of the product. Since many dealers in the market have come up with copyright versions of the original product, pricing may vary widely from one producer to another. When shopping for furniture online, it is important to buy a product of sterling quality that can last. Products that are cheaper often do not last longer because the manufacturers use poor quality materials to make them.


This quality of Tolix brand does not mean the products are cheap. Simply, it means the products are of good quality that represents value for the buyer’s money. If you are getting quality product, it is easy to pay for the tag price because the product is durable and will be profitable in the end.

On the other hand, with many dealers going online, you get many other benefits from a certified dealer. For example, you shop at the comfort of your home without burning energy and time to go to the store. Secondly, you shop securely using major billing cards and other means of online payment, which come with their own incentives.

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